Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I become a participating landowner?
A: Landowner lease/easement agreements are secured before site construction. Generally, there is not an opportunity to enter into a lease agreement after the site is operational.

Q: Can I drive my farm equipment across the project roads?
A: The use of project roads is shared by the wind farm and the landowner. The roads are developed at grade to allow large farm equipment to safely cross the roads.

Q: Can other wind energy companies develop on my land?
A: In many situations, a neighboring wind farm appears to occupy adjoining land, however, the wind energy lease agreement grants exclusive rights to the wind farm owner to develop and operate the wind farm.

Q: Can I sell my land but continue to receive the royalty payments?
A: In most cases the wind energy lease agreement states the landowner will receive the royalty payments. In some cases, a landowner may structure an agreement that allows them to retain the payments.

Q: Is the wind farm obligated to maintain the condition of the project roads?
A: The roads are owned by the landowner but maintained by the wind farm owner.

Q: Are landowners obligated to pay the increased property taxes due to the wind farm facilities?
A: Typically, the lease agreement states the wind farm owner will pay for any increase in taxes due to the placement of the wind facilities.

Q: Is the wind farm operator responsible for damage to crops during maintenance events?
A: Typically, the landowner will be compensated for any loss due to crop damage caused by the wind farm operator. If land is disturbed during site maintenance, the wind farm operator will restore the land.

Q: Are landowners allowed to construct buildings on the land they own?
A: The scale of development is the deciding factor. The landowner may continue to use and maintain any existing structure on their land, but they may be prohibited from developing structures that would potentially interfere with the capture of wind.

Q: How is a landowner compensated?
A: Wind farm operators generally pay landowners an annual minimum payment and quarterly royalty payments based on wind energy generation.

Q: What happens to the turbines and other facilities at the end of the project?
A: Landowner agreements vary. The majority of agreements state the operator is responsible to remove the surface structures and all underground facilities within 4 feet of the surface.