The ALLETE Clean Energy Advantage

  • A wholly owned subsidiary of ALLETE Inc., which has a solid history of successfully diversifying corporate resources
  • Capital access and strong balance sheet
  • Access to strategic assets, including a transmission line to transfer valuable wind energy eastward from North Dakota
  • Experience in forming strategic partnerships to meet technology opportunities
  • Deep understanding of energy markets, infrastructure operations and customer needs
  • Ability to anticipate and adapt to industry, political and environmental changes
  • Nimble, creative and experienced team
  • Strategically located in the renewable resource-rich Midwest, with corporate offices in Duluth, Minnesota

Read this Fact Sheet to learn about partnering on a clean energy project.

In the News: More Wind Power for North Dakota (May/June 2016)

Press Release: ALLETE launches new company to target clean energy marketplace

ALLETE Energy Corridor

A comprehensive pathway for moving the rich and varied energy resources of North Dakota is the idea behind the ALLETE Energy Corridor. ALLETE Clean Energy is moving forward with plans to develop the concept which would provide for the movement of natural gas, petroleum products, water and wastewater, wind energy and future sequestered carbon.

The backbone of the energy corridor is an existing 465-mile path that contains a direct current transmission line running between Center, North Dakota, and Duluth, Minnesota. The energy corridor may parallel adjacent rights of way along this existing path, as well as adding about 60 miles of corridor west to the Bakken shale oil fields. Various segments of the corridor could be used for different purposes. An early focus for the corridor is to capture, transport and market the natural gas now being flared at hundreds of shale oil wells across North Dakota.

Press Release: ALLETE announces corridor 9/25/13